Tarheel Medical Supply  


Compression Hosiery


Tarheel Medical Supply provides compression stockings or medical hosiery.  

We also provide TED or Anti-Embolisim stockings for non-ambluatory patients 


We need to know the strength (mild, medium or firm) and length (knee high, thigh high, or pantyhose) to provide a price.  Your physician or care giver should tell you what strength you need. 


Mild is 15-20mmHg

Medium is 20-30mmHg

Firm is 30-40mmHg. 


Size is obtained by measuring the circumference of your ankle and calf.  (We will need to measure your thigh if you need thigh high or pantyhose) 


Compression Stockings are not covered by insurance however a prescription will help us in determining what length / level of compression you need.  Also a prescription will allow us not to charge you sales tax.

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